Cajardo  Lindsey was in his second year at the Indiana University School of Law when the acting bug bit. In the midst of that year, he began to hear the word/thought “Acting”. Not once, not twice but several times during the course of the semester.


Cajardo had no frame of reference as to what to do with this word/thought. Until then, he had only seen one play his entire life. Nevertheless, he was intrigued and one particular day decided to act upon it (pun intended).  He discovered that Indiana University had an acting department and instead of going to his conflict resolutions law class, Cajardo found himself walking into a destiny. To this day the only explanation Cajardo has to this bizarre change of course is that he was literally called to it. 


Fast forward, Cajardo has appeared in numerous stage, television and film productions. (And yes, Cajardo did obtain his law degree.)